You can have brilliant idea, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.


Communicate Karo, as name suggests, is about clarity and content that MATTERS. We come up with communication solutions to help NGOs, non-profit organization, Government & Academic institutes, Philanthropic organizations, CSR foundations among others. We also provide capacity building and training programmes on digital media and digital storytelling

We listen, listen and listen which is followed by creative thinking and strategic clarity for actions that would make a DIFFERENCE to our client organization. We, as professionals, devise strategies to create awareness of products/ services/ programmes/projects to help achieve our clients, whom we call them as our partner & collaborator, social and business goals. In a nutshell, we put you into communication orbit online & offline.

We are a team of diverse & dedicated communication professionals who collaborate to create content that is FRESH & UNIQUE. We have work experience of over couple of decades working in national and international organizations as communication professionals.

We believe in communication for SOCIAL GOOD & IMPACT.


Information is giving out.
Communication is getting through.

The Power of 4Cs.
Communicate. Connect. Collaborate. Create.

The soul of communications is to understand the inherent need of telling a story and connect it to the target audience.

 We believe in building collaborations to create impact through digital storytelling.

Communication is to keep things simple as it should be.

The 4Cs is all about building a holistic brand value.

Our Work

We help you arrive - virtually (online) and really (offline).

From content creation & curation to deciding communication strategies, tools and omni-channels selections, Communicate Karo provides you customized solutions – consultancy, services and digital products – after assessing your goals and scale.

Our creative and effective solutions raise outreach and penetration in the targeted segment you want to tap into.

Why limit your scope when you can explore unlimited prospects with us!


Why limit your scope when you can explore unlimited prospects with us!

From content curation & creation to deciding communication strategies, tools and Omni-channels selection, Communicate Karo provides you with customized solutions – consultancy, digital products and services – after assessing your short-term and long-term goals and scale. Our creative and effective solutions raise outreach and penetration in the target segment you want to tap into.

Medium matters

Print, TV, web or multimedia? Picking up an effective medium is next decisive step in designing a campaign. Products/ brands, their needs and demographic profile of potential customers determine the medium for a wider reach. We make media work for you.

Different strokes

What would work for you? Strategy differs as products, brands and medium differ. Should it be an emotional appeal or stunning factual revelation, a curiosity-inducing ad or a promising note? Products and target audience play a vital role in selecting an apt strategy to effectively float the message.

Three ‘S’

That which can't sell, can't be creative. Simple, Short and Straight ideas reign our brainstorming sessions. Divergent thinking with holistic approach assimilating all aspects makes us look beyond the average. No room for average and obvious.


Conceptualization to Execution

Communicate Karo standard procedure takes place from Conceptualization to Execution. We provide end-to-end solutions with integrated multi-channel communication platforms.
We call it


Assess client goal


Deconstruct client brief


Devise strategy


Identify the launch vehicle



  • Academic Institutions
  • Government bodies
  • Semi-government Agencies
  • NGOs
  • Not-for-profit Organizations
  • SMEs
  • Start-Ups
  • Thought Leadership
  • Communications Workshops
  • Digital Media Workshops
Our Offerings
  • Communication Consultancy
  • Content Curation & Creation
  • Campaign Design
  • CSR Consultancy
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Documentation- Textual, Graphics & Visual
  • Event Conceptualisation, Execution & Documentation
  • Report & Proposal Writing
  • Social Media Management-Content Planning, Management & Editorial
  • Special Communication Projects-Annual Report, Brochure, Vision document
  • Speech Writing
  • Communications Workshop
  • Social Media Workshop/Training

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